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I tell ya, from this picture, you wouldn’t know that he has successfuly thrown something into the toilet,  burned the carpet, eaten toothpaste, spilled icecream on the carpet, streaked around the house, and so much more all this week! He’s either extremely smart or just plain crazy…we’re not quite sure yet. AND, I’m pretty sure this might be directly connected to my parenting skills…ouch. NO, seriously, he’s a bundle of fun energy. He is always exploring and on the move. He is also very sensitive lately and tries so hard to be good.  His little eyes melt me and his smiles make my day. SO, here’s a few from a very recent “almost three” shoot of his. I knew I wouldn’t have time in April, so I’m doing his 3 yr old shoot in March. WE LOVE YOU MR. GRAY!


x-gray-3AND…one of both my cute little MEN!  This one is going in their room…to remind them they love eachother!


Lastly…one of my COLE who “wasn’t feelin momma’s camera love” today. He would have much rather been exploring…but I actually like the picture quite a bit anyway. He is growing so fast…such a handsome little man. He is very inquisitive and his laugh is contageous! I can’t help but laugh every time he does. Love You Cole!


Seriously…we can’t get enough of her! Just thought I’d share one with some fun textured background. I really am in love with texture lately. So…Miss Lady is 5 months old. She’s very close to sitting up, wants to eat everything we do and reaches for it…usually making Mom drop whatever she’s eating all over the floor (since I’m usually holdng her while eating.) She’s a joy. Recently, she’s been sick with sad goopy eyes and just out of sorts. Its good to see her sweet little eyes again!  Still don’t know how we got a blue eyed lady…but they’re so fun to photograph!x-jade




This second setting and processing is a bit different for me…but I really like it!  And yes, its another of my girls! I took them out for a shoot so I could create a story board for their room. They both froze and Jade has had a “goopy” eye lately. SO, we’re going back out in a few days to try one more time. They are so cute together though! I can’t wait to watch their little relationship grow and develop over the years.

P.S. Can you tell which one is out in the sun more! Sage skis at school and gets to be tan All Year Round! Jade’s been inside with me all winter…no sun on either of us!


My Little Girl REALLY is gonna grow-up…right before my eyes, isn’t she?!  We still tell her all the time that she has to stop growing… how bitter sweet, this life, learning and growing is! Did I ever mention that I’m in love her freckles…her sweet face, that amazingly cute gap between her two front teeth, those twinkly green eyes! I was listening to her giggle yesterday and my heart smiled. I love her giggle…its just so her! I love capturing her just the way she is…right now. I love you, my Sage!