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LOVE HER! She’s so stinkin’ cute…and fun…and silly…and wise. I have found a new spot that I completely love for portraits. I cannot wait to use it for some of my upcoming shoots. I took my girl out to test it out and I’m pretty sure its my new favorite. Broken down doors, sunlight shining through cracks, old red barns, dried crunchy leaves, and all sorts of other fun just waiting there for me to photograph it!


x-sage-5I am so excited! CPQ, a Professional Printing Company has decided to use my images in their upcoming convention in Georgia to promote their “Whimsical Frames” line!  They said they love the bright colors of my girls in their fun hats that I did a few posts ago. I knew I was going out on a limb a little when I decided to really pop these colors out and make them “almost neon”….but I’ve been trying really hard lately to define my style and I just keep going back to “simple…with a pop of color” types of  images.  I love capturing emotion, and so the face seems to continue to be the focus of my photography….especially the eyes.  Anyway, they’ll be taking a picture of the booth for me and the images in the frames….but for now, here’s one of the images they chose to use in their line…..TOO EXCITED…just had to share. Check out their custom albums…I’m completely excited to use them for my upcoming weddings. I have sample albums coming soon that I’ll post on here in a week or two. So, for all of you brides to be…you’ll have to check back later to see the goods.  I am RAVING about them because the quality of their custom albums is FABULOUS!


mco_pp1I am having too much fun editing this wedding! These two are amazingly cute…and I am in love with their “vintage with a pop” theme. I know I labeled it this myself…but its workin for me. Everytime I sit down, I say….”hello vintage with a pop wedding…are you ready for me?” Yes, I talk to my pictures….especially when I edit late at night! SO….my beautiful friend, here’s a few more that I’ve been working on lately….and I’m sure I will have to post one more time before I’m done!




Told ya….”with a POP!” SO LOVE HER SHOES……



These are the hands of my amazing Father and Mother- In- law. I took this the sunday after they returned home from their 3rd mission. They are exceptional people…and they are true examples of enduring to the end. They have had 8 children, have worked extremely hard at all their jobs, have helped and served and gone the “extra mile” in their lives.  They have chosen to live their lives in kind service towards eachother and others.  It was just my father-in-laws birthday, and I’ve been wanting to do something special with this hand picture for them. If any of you know of an awesome quote about “hands…and the profound influence they can have…” shoot me an email with it! I’d love it…. Thanks so much!