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Just happens to be my SISTER and her Mr. Andre Man! They are amazing! I’ve always looked up to my little Sis. In “character and soulful years” she’s absolutely my senior. I have always been amazed with her depth and wisdom. I remember being amazed of her from a very young age. I came home from college one summer and took her out to go rafting down the river. I told her not to tell Dad and Mom because they probably wouldn’t let me take her. She said, “well, if we can’t tell them, then maybe it is something we shouldn’t be doing.” Not only is she just plain GOOD….she’s Hi-freakin-larious! She can make anyone laugh and she really just genuinely cares about others. Anyway, I love her….and Andre….you’re the brother I never knew I loved! :) You’re just as awesome and you two make a freakin amazing TEAM. Infact, you’re new nickname from this time foward is the “A TEAM”! Now all you need is some gold chains and a pimped out van! Love you both………Groomals, here we come!






And what a little man he was! I’ve had the sweetest opportunity to have two of the cutest newborn boys to photograph this week. They are both two of THE CUTEST little men I’ve ever meant! They’re making me rethink the “4 is it” discussion my husband and I have been having lately. Anyway, I told Dad and Mom I’d get a quick peak up for them and their relatives they are visiting. I know you told me “only Daddy’s chin” in the “three together” one, but I fell in love with it this way….and so this way, it stayed! Don’t worry, a little cropping  job can put it “just so”…but I did want you to see it this way first. I love the “protecting feeling” I’m getting from Dad’s face and Mom’s sweet touch. Enjoy………




But So much more to come.  First off,  “Miss Mom” doesn’t even look like she had a baby 7 days ago. Secondly, I could have used pretty much everything in her house as a prop…AND, third, her baby as well as the rest of her children were beautiful! Little Mr. B had decided that he would choose the few hours I was over to stay awake most of the time. However, Mom did coax him to sleep, using her “mad props” Mom Skills.  SO, here’s just one with him looking all “sweet…yet manly” in his very cool designed basket. I love this image…the amazing structure of this “basket” was fun to work with. ENJOY….with more to come in a few days!



In all our glory! I have been waiting and waiting to lose my “4th baby fat”, which doesn’t want to seem to budge much before I did a family shoot. My sister was coming down with her hubby for some “groomals” and I got to thinking….I tell women all the time not to wait, to document who they are with beautiful portraits of WHAT THEY ARE at that Moment! SO……I got my kiddos in our “lets do a shoot together” outifts, wiped their noses, did some hair….and took them to one of my favorite photo-op spots.  I metered, told my beautiful sis where to stand (in her wedding dress) and she snapped away. I was just hoping I got something that documented us…right now. AND, I DID! Here we are….Jade and Gray looking dead on at the camera (or Andre dancing behind Ash), the rest of us looking at Dad saying something funny….its just us.


So, now you know who’s going to be taking your portraits before you actually meet me! I’m not amazingly beautiful….infact, I don’t think I’m very pretty at all. I am very average looking, and have somehow managed to land an amazingly handsome husband who has given our kids beautiful genes. They are my life….I live for them….love for them….dream about them…..and every once in awhile get to snap some shots of them inbetween my other shoots. Love you all dearly…..


One last one of my kiddos….They weren’t feelin the love of the camera for me….and definately didn’t want to look right at it. SO…Daddy started dancing and singing a jig in the corner….they watched, and their faces are priceless to me! I love their looks….this portrait screams “old” to me… Just what I wanted for my dining area!