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Pretty sure any little girl would be saying this about this beautiful bride if they were looking at her! She radiates beauty…that most definately comes from the inside, out. This is a quick post…not too many words (because its so darn late, and I need some sleep)…but I could go on forever, and hope to on her “wedding post” about how neat her and her fiance are. So, Miss S (and Mr. J…you better now be looking), I hope I captured you just the way you wanted!





For Eachother!

Don’t you just love when you get done with a session and you think…”yep, this family really just loves being together?” I could tell that this sweet bunch was “over the moon”…(pun intended) with one another. Mom and Dad had that twinkle in their eye when they looked at eachother…and the kiddos just loved playing and being with their Mom and Dad. Plus…they were so darn cute! Little Miss was the cuttest little munchiest ball of sweetness! I could have taken pictures of her all day. And Mr. Older Brother was so fun, and lively! He wanted to explore all around the on location spot we chose.  OK…you’ve waited long enough (yes, I’m behind in my blog posts…and I PROMISE for all you waiting out there…before this weekend is up, you will have your peak)….

SO…this first one just says “them” to me…just enjoying eachother and family life!


I Just think every Mom and Daughter should have one of these pictures! How sweet is this?


Ok…he was so SO cute and CHEEZY! I so VERY much LOVED Mr. Big Brothers Grin!


If I could be a pirate…I would definately look like THIS! How cute are they? Mom says “make your pirate faces…” and this is what I see through my lens. I clicked just in time to snap on of the cutest father/son play moments ever. I smile everytime I look at this picture of the two of you!


I love it when I can catch this look! The kisses on the cheeks from their wives always seem to make their eyes soften a bit. You guys are TOO CUTE!


“Mr. E’s Parents”….your truly adorable son DOES NOT have a Poker Face! Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted him to win a poker championship someday. This Face, TOO CUTE! I caught so many fun expressions through my lens that it has been very hard to narrow them down. You guys…he’s so cute!


Told YA!! Those eyes…not gonna hide much of what he’s thinking in his life. Miss Momma A (who is most amazingly beautiful..and who I think should be a model) dressed him in the cutest outfit. I wanted to slip that little vest in my bag “accidentally”….it was that cute. AND, MR. Daddy L (who could also be a model) was too funny and so sweet with this little guy.xxxxxxx2

Isn’t she gorgeous? AND…she is SO NATURAL! I always envy people who look good with AND without make-up on. That’s you…girl. I love this one…the glance from Mr. L, who, by the way, loves Miss A very much! I can tell by the way he looks at her, and tries to get her to smile by being funny.


EVERY BABY…and EVERY MOMMA should have atleast one picture like this! Oh how I wish I did of my first two…..


OK, so I must add…I was the “dork of my life” photographer that left her camera bag with her very expensive lens in it “on location” at “Grandpa’s Farm” after the shoot was all over. Since I was traveling and they led me to the location, I didn’t know my way back. It was dark, and ready to storm by the time I realized I didn’t have it. I called Mr. L and he galliantly offered to go up there for me and see if he could find it. I told him that if he did, just keep it and I’d come up to his home the next day to get it. Just a bit later, we get a call saying he’s on his way. Seriously, Miss A…you got yourself a keeper! THEN, his niece, who was staying at grandmas house wanted her PJ’s from her others grandmas house. He went there….without us knowing….and came back with them. Are you kiddin me?  And now….look at this picture….so love his “non poker-tryin to make his sweetie laugh” face! I know I’m a cheeze ball…but seriously…LOOK!


So SWEET! This little man is gonna just take off running one of these days….and He’s NOT GONNA SLOW DOWN! He wanted to walk….not crawl during our shoot! Ahhhh…the safetly of Mom and Dad.


AND….this one is just for you guys! How cute is this that his parents taught him how to do this?!?! Whenever they’d say…”How Big is E”….he’d throw his hands up in the air! So darn cute…..xxxxxx3

Are you kiddin me with how freakishly cute this one is? Oh dear….I am in love. I want this one for my own wall! I hope you guys know what an amazingly cute family you are! It was a pleasure working with you………


I could keep posting FOREVER………………………


OKKKKKK…..Coolest Ghetto Fabulous Couch EvEr!! Miss A found this at a garage sale and bought it to recover. I’m so glad she didn’t yet! It was perfect for our shoot. Look at Mr. E acting “all big” over on the side of the couch all by himself. Ya, Mom and Dad, I’ll be asking for the car keys before you know it! AND NOW…I bid you adiou till you see the full collection together!


SO, Miss V…………….Here’s a few more to tie you over!  I had to show you a bit of the vintage….

PS. I will be “out of the office” for the weekend. BUT, I PROMISE to return emails when I get back on Monday. Happy Weekend!