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What amazing quality! Eliza Kate Design is a fabulous (just like the title says)  boutique store I’ve had the pleasure to do some photography for lately. I knew when I saw the pictures of her clothing online that I would love it….and when I received the sweet pieces in the mail, I was even more excited because the quality was just as amazing as the “cuteness factor”. SO, now these three pieces sit in my studio…waiting to be used by little girls that would love to dress up (or that their Mommy’s would love to have dressed up)  and take some fabulous “outdoor barn portraits”…with that touch of rustic elegance….

Check more of her “fabulousness” out here….








Ok, so its not just for Grandma…but I wanted to get this post up before she leaves her sweet little 9 Day old “K”! When I go in to photograph a newborn…I am very aware that I am stepping into someone elses “space”. I usually ask them if they feel like I’m moving in…because of the amount of props I bring. (Don’t worry…I take them all home…but I have been know to threaten to take the newborn with me as well) Anyway, this sweet couple just had their first little lady, and they were Over the Moon for her! I love watching first time parents with their new bundle of love. They can’t help smile when she smiles….can’t help “Ahhh” whenever she does something cute. It makes me want to go back to my first weeks with my “S”…my first…and do it all over again. AAAhhhh…nostalgia.

Anyway Adorable “J” family….here you are. I was able to get SO many because Miss K was just as perfect for me as she looks in these captures…

Did I mention they let me take her outdoors! AND…that I kept calling their baby a “rockstar”! Seriosuly, I got to get me a new vocabulary…especially when capturing newborns. She is such a DEAR….now that’s better!



A little Vintage Processing…I’m diggin it!




xxxxx6Its WAY too late for words….so here are a few till I have a bit more time to post some more. Now…go to sleep Anne!


OK…so this one is Just for YOU…Miss V! I love it when Brides come with their own props and ideas…Then I know just what to give them! Utah has so many amazing places for outdoor bridals…in all seasons!



 OK…so I must add, her colors are obviously red, black and white. She likes a little “selective coloring” in her pictures AND, she is going  to have all the little kiddos holding these at her wedding! Why didn’t I think of that?!?! SO cannot wait to photograph that!






I’m sorry its taken me a bit to get your peak up  “FAB…K Family”!  AND, I’m so glad you made it home safetly. This is my sweet photography friend…who is not just sweet but, fun, spunky, full of energy and hilarious. Her husband is kind, friendly, down to earth, whitty, and full of life also (probably cuz he has to keep up with her) Their boys are RAD…I haven’t said this word for awhile and wanted to sneak it into a post. Seriously, between pokimon, laughs, trying new poses…and more laughing, we seemed to get ourselves a pretty darn fabuloso session! So, here they are, my friend….just a few to tie you over!