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For Her Man….


Beautiful people! I said I’d have your post up today…and so I will! Here is half of it! What a sweet, sweet wedding…filled with emotion, love, faith, strength….and a great deal of amazing details. I cannot tell you how much I wish I had time to post all captures from weddings like this. All I can say is…THIS is why I have my camera attatched to my head for the ENTIRE day!  My goal is ALWAYS to take these sweet moments…and turn them into beauty for you or years to come. I do enjoy the “formal” portraits…I believe they are important…and I capture those for you as well. However, when it comes down to the memories, its the small moments in between the shots that often bring the most tender feelings for years to come. This is why I do it…why I only stop to simply “look” in my viewfinder for your entire day. 

Now, a bit about Miss V….after the formal family shots were done, she took of her shoes and said…”these will not be on for the rest of the evening!”  SO, we walked around the temple grounds barefoot…my kind of girl. She has some of the most stunning eyes I’ve ever seen and her smile….is TO DIE FOR…the “scrunch your nose up so cute” smile.  I loved capturing you, truly!  She’s also my “selective coloring” girl…so I gave her a bit on her day as well.  A bit about Nate, he has such a fun personality…and a great smile as well. Even though I’m not showing much of it in this post…I caught it quite a bit throughout the evening.  He has a style all of his own…and he’s FUNNY! He made me laugh at every session we had. I loved laughing with the two of you.



As soon as I caught this….I said “this capture is going on my blog!” We were in the middle of the formal family shots on the stairs and this little lady….hair blowing in the wind…was just staring in awe at the “beautiful princess”.  Doesn’t get much better than this in my book.







I’m SO MEAN! Actually, I will have your full post up tomorrow N&V and Family! What a fantastic wedding…full of emotion and beauty. For now…one to set the “stage”. Just a quick note…their colors were red, black and white and the little kids in their line held BIG bright red lolipops! Are you kidding me with how cute this was?



Yes, I know,  its about time! I featured this amazing couple a few weeks ago…from their “formal temple portraits”. However, I hadn’t gotten around to posting a few of the “details” of the day. First off, there were SO MANY details…that I’m barely scratching the surface. However, I decided that its better than nothing… Mr and Mrs G! I’m so close to DONE. For now,  some of your details!




“S” is one of the “caretakers” of the Mt. Timp Temple Grounds….so as I was waiting for them to come out and guests to arrive, I stnapped some shots of the beauties she takes care of daily.









Grandpa got front row seats for the “first dance”…. and, might I add, one of the cutest Grandpas I’ve ever seen…huge smile the whole dance!