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So I can go run and play in the field with my brother and have fun throwing rocks with my Dad. Seriously, you’ve taken about a million already and I’M DONE!

I had to post this picture of the session I did last night. To this little guys benefit, he did such an amazing job and we have so many sweet images of him. This was one right at the very end of his individual pictures…a face I see alot with little ones (and big ones) right at the end. Usually, this is how I know its time to move on to the next kiddo…this face. They have  HAD IT and need a break. Bless his heart for still trying so hard to smile even though his eyes clearly say…get me the heck out of here!


To Whom I SWOON over….

October 16, 2009


NOW for those of you who have asked…here is the Short list for who’s work I SWOON OVER…(add about 30 others and it might be complete)

First off, I must add, there are specific reason’s for why I swoon. To be simple and to the point, these are people that I believe have it ALL TOGETHER! They know their cameras and use the technical aspects of photography as ONE tool to help them create beautiful works of art. They seem to be incredibly passionate about what they do. They tell stories through their median of creating, rather than just shoot a “technically nice photo”.   However, they also seem to me to be utilizing their photoshop skills, their studio props, their lighting in many different situations…and they are doing it SO RIGHT…SO MUCH OF THE TIME!

The list today includes…

Jennifer Skog…For her Mood and Romanticity

Kimberly Bee…for her creativity without loosing clarity

Red Leaf Studios…for their insanely amazing use of natural light and artistic flair

Jasmine Star…for her courage to be herself and bring this into her amazing ability to run her business

Carrie Sandoval…for her truly fabulous way of capturing newborns in natural light and then creating each piece into a work of art

Molly Hilton…for her realness in capturing newborns just the way they come…

Kelly Ryden…again, for her amazing talent to capture little ones with natural light

Jose Villa…just plain amazing at capturing human life and emotion

Jessica Claire..for speaking her mind and standing up for what she believes

Brianna Graham…for being one of the first to do the “highly saturated”…fabulous “crisp softness”…(even though her daily blog has stopped)

And the list continues. There are so many fabulous photographers around the world….and these are just a few that I have found that have consistently used ALL their tools to create, what I would consider, masterpieces.

Unfortunately for me, I haven’t found that any of them live even remotely close to where I live….and they are all extremely expensive (and rightly so).  Also, my list grows daily…I find people that I love all the time. And, I’m sure that the very best photographers don’t even have a blog up, and quite possibly, don’t even have a business.

Is what you were! First off, Miss Momma had a baby 6 weeks prior to this shoot. They drove up to my kneck of the woods, and I kept them out there FOREVER! Your kiddos were amazing…the two of you were so fun….and HERE is a few to tie you over until I’m completely finished. Enjoy…





You’ve waited TOO LONG! Now that I’m close to finishing, here is your peak. Each one of these kids had the most stunning eyes…all so different, but SO Stunning! What a sweet bunch you’ve got here. I loved the “Fall” outfits she picked out. They worked awesome with one of my favorite locations. I always love an “old wood barn” for a backdrop…something about old wood makes for a fabulous “textured” portrait. Enjoy, and I’ll have these ALL to you very soon!


Miss Beautiful Big Sister…  xxxx7

Sweet Lil’ Miss….


Coolest Big Brother Around… I LOVED the clouds showing through the broken glass in this door…