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Here You Go, My friends….



Anne’s Second Favorite…


Anne’s First Favorite….LOVE IT!







For two years now, I’ve gone by this orange door…on my way to take my little ones to preschool. Everytime I see it, I WISH I had orange in my home so I could take my kids to it and take a picture there. Well, when this family showed up in THE COOLEST DUDS EVER, I knew exactly where I wanted to take them. People often ask how I find my locations and how I make the style of clothes people show up in “work” with the surroundings. I have about 30 locations that I love to use here in Heber ALWAYS floating in my head. Often, I don’t know EXACT locations until I see what you show up in. I usually know the “feel” of what you’re  going for before we start, but even then, I have atleast 5 locations I’m debating on until I see your exact wears. That is custom photography…really creating with YOU in mind.

First off, Momma C, you did AMAZING with your choices and I am COVETING your shots. Each one of these kids has the cutest names, cutest smiles…and truly fabulous little personalities. Thank you ALL for coming to Heber and letting me capture you. Here’s just a few of the many goodies I have for you…








AND…I am Pretty sure this is one of the cutest Daddy…Son Pictures out there. The barn I took them to had tractors around it. Little did I know that part of what Dad L does is work with tractors. And, their littlest Man is in LOVE with them. How cool is that! What little guy doesn’t wish his Dad had a job with a cool piece of equipment. Anyway, this tractor was in full sun and I wasn’t sure I would be able to use it. Right at the end, the sun dipped enough for us to have some fun…look at the boys faces!


Why is that such a big deal? Because her’s is amazing! She is the uber decorator, she makes custom frames that are OFF THE CHARTS in coolness. She is kind, beautiful, her kiddos are so cute and well behaved. AND, she saw my home….with its mess after kids had their way with it while I was proofing. Why did she see my home? Because…she brought me dinner…for hanging out with them and doing my job, she brought me dinner. 

Now, I must tell you about her custom frames really quickly. They are AMAZING…and I am going to be the proud owner of one here soon. As soon as I am, I’m taking a picture and showing all of you kind souls that come and visit me and my blog. I only wish she had enough to go around, because I am pretty sure you will all want ATLEAST one. For now, here’s a little preview.


I’m pretty sure Mom’s going to be happy with us little man….YOU FOUND YOUR SMILE for me!





First off, I’m not completely sure large extended families are my very most favorite thing ever to photograph! However, I had to say yes to this family. They are amazing…caring, devoted, community and family oriented, extremely talented and fun! This is their home….that they built from their own designs…and a great deal with their own hands. Its a large red barn and its AMAZING! Thus, it became our backdrop. NOW, to get this many kids looking at you…pleasantly…this many eyes open…without a wiggly out of focus arm is one of the hardest things I’ve done in a long while! I hope you enjoy it and I can’t wait to see it framed in your “red barn”! It was a true pleasure “H and D” family.