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I’m for certain that she will be a model someday!  What a gorgeous little miss. She’s fun, a tiny bit sassy, smart…and was AMAZING for me for our shoot. Miss K just turned 8 and her mom wanted to document this through a series of  shots that represented her. We went bright….we went fun…and then we had a little fun with some more subdued shots as well. I’ve got a ton for you Miss N. By the way, they had a family shoot the same day and they ROCKED that as well.  More to come of that session shortly…and More bragging about Miss K’s Mom…whom is one heck of a talented, amazing, down to earth lady. Let’s just say…she brought me dinner…a client brought me dinner for spending time with them. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get much better than that. Little did she realize that my kids were so sick, my dishwasher had broken…and my husband was working late. I’m pretty sure she’s an angel….







And there just isn’t much fall left in Heber, Utah! However, with a little magic, those fallen leaves and evergreens can really pop! We had  snow falling in Heber when we first started their family session. Extended families take alot of work…alot of time…and I was SO worried that the weather wouldn’t hold for us in Midway. It was freezing…poor little ones!  AND, the clouds were mighty dark. But, with a bit of off camera flash, and some serious photoshop work, I think we achieved your “crisp fall look”!

I must add…this family is beautiful! The three girls are GORGEOUS…so ofcourse they’ve made adorable little ones. They were dressed so cute for their sessions….crayola green….polka dots…fun boots…cute hair bows…nice jeans…sweaters….you guys did fabulous!

I hope you enjoy your peak…









Even though my full studio isn’t completed yet (my hopes is by February…just in time for a cold spring in Heber), I do have a smaller portable set-up. It now includes some new pieces that I’ve been working on for awhile now. I love old wood…LOVE IT!  Thus, I found it rather fitting that some of my custom studio options would include it. I really do love it. I also thought it might be fun for clients to see some of the different edits that can still be done in studio. There are many options that make for great unique custom portraits. A Just because we’re in studio doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun while still keeping it simple and focused on the beautiful faces of our little ones. So, here are a few options done on my little peops. One set of these will hang large on my walls up and down my hallways eventually.

PS. I had my board tilted for these the the wood isn’t completely straight….for studio images, it will be. Why do we, as photographers get lazy with our own kids shots sometimes?

The beautiful Little Mrs….



Mr. Cute Cheez Man…



Fast Movin Gray Man…


You’d never know he had a huge gouge below his lip and a bruise on is cheek from a recent fall! Poor little dude’s mind moves faster than his legs right now…


And The Pouty Little Miss…


AND, here’s some with texture on it. I have a variety of different textures I like to use to help with the “mood” of a picture.


Every year when we go to do our family portraits, I rarely take into account what colors are in my home. Usually, I tend to do what is “popluar” that season.  Then, I end up turning the portraits black and white, so that they go with our home. However, this year, I got smart. We have black cabinets, red accents, light brown walls, some  blue and greens scattered in various rooms, and lots of old rustic touches like rod iron and old wood.  Our home is not new…we bought an older home and remodeled it.  Its costed us an arm and a leg, but I truly believe in taking what’s there and making it beautiful.  My dream would be to restore on OLD OLD home someday.  SO…black and grays with a bright old red barn and a little “old silver”  just seemed to fit perfectly. As for my little peops…we never get one with all of us smiling and looking at the camera. I actually like it better when we’re not, when we’re all interacting with eachother. But this year, I thought it would be nice to have the “looking at the camera shot”.  SO, even though Cole is sporting his serious face, Gray’s doing a “suck my bottom lip in smile”, I went a bit heavy on the eye liner,  Jade lost her shoe right before the shot AND it was almost high noon…and I didn’t bring my flash and umbrella…we’re still going with it.  Heck, getting a fabulous family portrait with more than just one little one is SO hard.  I think this might be the one for the wall this year.
Thanks to my fabulous sister in law, Jen for coming along, letting me meter and bark orders at her as to where to stand and listening to my fast tutorial on how to get an in focus picture. You ROCK Miss Lady…and thank you for helping me out. I owe you!

Also, my good friend Laura…took some portraits for us as well that I haven’t gotten to editing  quite yet.  All I can say is THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for capturing me with my kiddos together. Its a treat I don’t get to have much in my life and I cannot wait to get to editing them as well.

I must add,  don’t I have a good looking family?! I don’t quite fit in, but I’m not going to complain. The amazing part, their insides are even better looking than this. Each one is priceless to me…my treasures. Truly…my treasures.