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Virginia, your Heaven’s opened, unleashing winter for our stay.  Bitter Cold, and yet,  I still adore you…and already miss your comforting ways.  Truly, there is beauty in every season…Warmest Holiday Wishes. May you find beauty and peace in all your seasons throughout the year.















A sincere thank you to all of you who have allowed me to capture you and your loved ones through my lens this year…allowed me to create…and, most of all, to let me see a small bit of your hearts, lives…and world.  Graciously, I Thank you…thank you…thank you.

Last One…

December 12, 2009

Just one for now Fabulous E family! You are my last family session before the holidays! Thank you for braving the snow with me…your colors were perfect…your kids were troopers…you guys were rockstars…and I will be getting your individual shots very shortly! It was below freezing…thus we decided to break this session in to two! For now…enjoy your one!


The First Gift of Christmas Was a Child…







If  you’re still looking for a gift for your family and friends this season, Consider a GIFT CERTIFICATE from Anne Pearson Photography…good in any amount or in ANY way you choose to give it. If you’d like more information, please contact me at

Also, I am printing the temple portraits! I have had many people asking about pricing and I promise to get that up very shortly. They are available in all sizes, backed in a thick styrofoam board (for framing), or on a wooden board for a “stand alone” print for your walls. They are also available on canvas…which looks AMAZING! For now, till I get my “Buy it now” button up, please email me.


I tell you what, large groups are a BEAR, but I do love them when they’re all finished.  Thank you all for freezing your feet off with me. I even had a little lady with flats on with a blanket around her feet trying to stay warm. We took that blanket right away in photoshop…I just couldn’t take it away from her at the shoot.

Jen, thank you so much for driving to find the “perfect spot” with me. FAMILY, thank you all for making the trip up so we could get this shot. These are my husbands parents and their 8 children…AND they’re amazing families. We decided that it was time for a professional portrait for Mom and Dad’s walls of all their children.  AND, we did it. Everyone was so kind and considerate about coming and waiting for me to get everything set up. Can you believe every kid is looking at the camera? I have my secrets….

Again, you’re all amazing…and I just love how this turned out…the fall leaves and red willow in the backdrop, the new snow in the front…the aspens…all you all doing the browns and blues just like you were asked  (insert smile). Momma’s, you did so good with the outfits! I love the scarves, the hats (thanks Brynn), the shawls, the sweaters, the cutest girl boots ever, Miss Nat…and fabulous red boots (even though you can’t see them, Julie)  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

FABULOUS! Merry Christmas….Do we really have to wait till the spring to see all of you again?