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Truly….he was such a little man. At 6 weeks, I thought we might have some struggles with getting him nice and sleepy. He didn’t want to much to do with sleep at first, but in the end, it won him over. Even though they aren’t as “bendable” at this age, if you can get them sleepy, newborn shots are still just as priceless….


SO…after alot of this cuteness,


we finally got to move on in close for a little of  this…



A bit of a different angle and softenss to this one…I’m digging it.


Truly Stunning…Miss N. I cannot wait to photograph your wedding…the venue is breathaking (Zermott Resort in Midway Utah), their family is so great, she’s beautiful…and they let me tag along to see their venue before I ever shot the wedding…bonus! Whenever possible, I feel its so important to view your venue before the actual day. Anyway, your family was amazing. This beauty and her equally beautiful sister and Mom followed me out into the cold to take her bridals. I’m so gald you did….they turned out  beautiful. Its fitting, that such a natural beauty would have her bridals out in nature….(even if that nature was high noon and 5 below!) Enjoy your peak girls….









First off, something is up with my email. It seems I’m not getting AOL addresses. Forgive me if I haven’t answered your email….I promise it is because I haven’t gotten it.  As of now, I don’t know what is wrong. If you could contact me through my “CONTACT” button at the top, email will go through for sure. So very sorry for any inconvenience…


Do you ever have those moments in life that stand still? To me, that is what photography is all about. I often get lost in the “technical” pursuit and business aspect of it all and forget that what we truly are capturing are someones moments for THEM. For every one moment we capture through our lens, there are thousands of small moments that it has the potential to represent to our clients. Be it a newborn that has just entered this world, a family that is finally all together to celebrate, children discovering, or a couple stealing a moment to themselves on their wedding day, it is all about moments.

Lately, I have been wrapped up in defining my style…me me me. Am I a Nikon or Canon girl? Will I have a highly processed look or stay more true to what comes out of my lens? Will I have deep rich tones and more moody images….or will they be bright and lively.  I am beginning to realize that many don’t care what we shoot, be in Canon, nikon…etc. They don’t care so much that we bounce our flashes, use OFC…difusers…wescott softboxes…SB’s…natural light…reflectors…studio…outdoors…CS4…lightroom…etc….etc….etc.  They just want to look back and have their images relfect them. Ofcourse, as photographers, we must think about all these technicalities…all the time.  Why?… because it is our art, and we know that without the tools, we cannot sufficiently create for our clients.  However, as my dear husband said…”its about using what you have and truly pushing yourself to know those tools perfectly before moving on. There is no magic tool out there that will define us…it comes with time, practice…and hours and hours…AND HOURS of extremely hard work. My eyes will go bad from staring at a computer screen before I am done with my pursuit. I know it…BUT, the MOMENTS we capture for others will live on. They become a large part of how memories are seen…felt…and remembered for generations to come.

And Now…Up Next…


I tried so very hard to keep these “normal”…This rockin couple told me at their engagements that they wanted “normal”…none of the fancy stuff. SO, I tried my very hardest to keep it that way for their engagments. When their “day after” session came, it was a little harder. They all looked so “dapper” in their clothes…and it was a perfect winter setting.  However, here you are…beautiful people!

M…you’re a  beautiful bride! Congratulations…



 The Fam…or as they said… “the Whole Fam-Damly…”