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I often feel like, as artists, we photographers are trying to set ourselves apart from others. We’re always trying to find our own style and do something that no one else has done before. I must confess that I get in this mode often…trying to create my own brand, do something that is completely different.  I’ve decided that for myself, because there is so much “different” out there right now, there’s something just so nice, so refreshing, about a nice clean image.  The longer I photograph, the more I am drawn to clean lines, soft light, basic backgrounds and sweet smiles. Regardless, my quest to be a bit different will probably never end.

Anyway,  I see color everywhere and I am always judging my light. I see potential portraits everywhere I am.  This never really stops in my brain.  (Good thing I’m a multi-tasking maniac)!   I am sure my Ben is fed up with me saying…”oh, now that’s nice light”, or cooing at the beautiful evening sun dipping behind the mountains when I’m not shooting.  So, thank you to all who have booked sessions at that time of day these next few months.  You keep Ben sane.

Now, on to what’s next. This fabulous threesome of beautiful kiddos came to me the other day. Ok, actually,  Mom came to me and drug them along!  The wind decided to whip through the willows right at the exact moment we started out on our quest for fabulous images.  You three were troopers though, and we got some sweet shots of your adorable faces (and outfits!) for your Momma! Thank you for letting me capture your adorableness…and more to come shortly. Right now, I’ve got deadlines to meet and I’m cruzing as fast as I can. SO, one picture posts are a must to keep me moving!  (Yes, I know adorableness isn’t a word…or is it?)


Just one fabulous portrait of an amazing woman…Miss Victoria Dahl. How do you go about taking a portrait for a beautiful, sophisticated, mother of two, wife to one, somewhat naughty (she called herself that…for the record), very funny, extremely smart novelist who is up for a national award for her newest present day romance series? I have no idea how you sum all that up with one portrait. Thus, I took many…many…many portraits for her.  

Victoria,  you were an absolute pleasure to work with.  You’re  fun, refreshingly real, kind, and inspiring! I think its marvelous that you are up for yet another faublous award! Best of luck with all your future plans. 

 Her two newest series are set in mountain towns and thus we both thought it only fitting to explore a bit of mountain air ourselves. For now, just one…but more to come!


I might be behind, but a promise is a promise!  Those who are waiting for your beautiful images, I’m so close! I’ll have the rest of your session previews up shortly. For now, I said I’d post a few of these amazing kids parents from below…so here they are!  I love them, you two!

I often get asked by parents at family sessions….”so, should we take some pictures of just the ‘two of us’?”   AND, to that, I add a resounding “Yes Mam…!”  Quite frankly, I think they might be some of the most tender, important images of the session. The images I capture of couples…those who have been the rounds of years together, faced sadnesses, trials…dissapointments and joys…those captures take my breath away when they come up on my screen. The cute, sometimes silly kiss…the funny, endearing look….the one that says… “yep, I might be making a funny face as I look into your eyes right now…but you know deep down that I love your more than ever’.  The moment that says…”this smirk means more than any “dreamy eyed look” from a dating couple… those are the moments I try so hard to capture.

So, if you’re brave enough, if you know your love has withstood the test of time thus far and you’re not afraid to let me capture it now, please… pretty please…keep asking, “do we take pictures of the two of us together…”




AND, one last one of their three adorable ones! I LOVE YOUR FAMILY….your session is perfection…I couldn’t have asked for better clients! Your style is perfect, your faces are beautiful…relaxed, but still so very “put together”! Thanks again…


First off, before I announce the winner, I just have to say THANK YOU again for all the sweet comments about my work. AND, because you made my “first blog giveaway” experience so great, I will be giving a free 16×20 mounted print for anyone that decides to still book a session with me sometime before this year is up. You’ll need to book before June to reserve this print. There is my BIG THANKS to all of you who took the time to comment and enter.

NOW, without further ado, the WINNER IS…..

MEGAN! No last name…just “Megan” you’re the LUCKY LADY of the DAY!~ Just in case there were two megan’s (some names were “code”) your comment was… ‘Crossing my Fingers and Toes’.  Email me with your address and I’ll send you your gift certificate for the free sitting fee and 16×20.

AND…you better believe I’ll be doing this again. Have a fabulous day! Now, I must go get ready for a fabulous family session…in this beautiful sunshine!

ONE LAST AND…for those of you with girls that like a little bit of “custom flair”, go check this site out. They are amazing! 

AMAZING lil hair pieces….