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(Update: Just realized how cheezy my title was…way too late to try and be witty!)


Sr. Prom…not much better than that as far as Sr. Year Goes…especially when you like the guy!  Mom and Dad, I promise I only let them kiss twice…really fast!  Nuff Said…beautiful people. amazing light. fabulous shoot. young hearts.





And…for fun, a bit of a different editing style. I’m diggin it…naustalgic + vintage+ red pops= yum.



I am late. There, I said it. Now that we got that out of the way, let us move on… I’ve said it before, you two are perfect for eachother. I’ve had so much fun looking at your faces and proofing your  edits to fit your love. Its been a pleasure…

{Please be advised…I really liked your kisses…maybe too many made the blog post! Ahhh heck, nothin better than a good kiss. Enjoy!












Favorite picture of the evening…perfect to me! You can even see the necklace he gave you….. {wink}

I’ve been waiting for you up here in this small mountain town.  Winter needs to take a break and your warmth was so inviting today.  Thank you for peaking out and staying until I could capture the last glimpse of you as you dipped behind the mountains. I love your soft glow and your perfect backlight…. the perfect light to capture my sweet little lady…who’s not so little anymore. Ahh life, slow down please.



And to you, Miss Pip… we LovE when you steal the show…



I get asked in emails what actions I use if CS4. There is only one full set I have and use ever so often for a popped out black and white or more of a vintage feeling image. This is Red Leaf Studio’s Action sets. They are insanely talented photographers that create a mood and feeling in each portrait session they do….and have made an amazing set of very versatile, usable actions.   I usually use these only for weddings when I”m editing a large amount of images at a time that I’d like to all have the same black and white feel. People ask if I use the Amazing Nicole Vans action sets. Nope…don’t have a single one. However, I do think she’s amazing and I love her work.  If you don’t know how to use CR or LR, her RAW presets can really make a huge difference in your portraiture. I don’t have Lilly Blue, Pioneer Woman, etc…. both amazing peoplesssss as well.  I make sure that if I do use an action, I know how to do every step in it on my own first before I fully use it. There are only a few I have come across that I don’t understand a step or two.  I feel its SO important to know your own tools front to back and know when and how to use them.  I’ve said it before…I’ve seen a great deal of flat, crazy colored, blown whites images by photographers that are very VERY successful.  I think this, in part, is because of actions and letting them run their course without tweaking them to suit your specific portrait. I also think its because some  do the same thing to each of their images because they don’t fully understand their photshop tools or actions…and how to guide their image to the end result.   I think we’re all still working and growing…we just need to be careful that we understand a good portion of both our crazy camera skills as well as our post processing photoshop skills.  But, that’s just what I think…


Here’s a super small tutorial on what I do for those just starting out. Shoot RAW, use a reflector whenever possible instead of OCF, shoot as the sun is setting, and really plan out sessions beforehand. I have a gameplan for all…but try to be very flexable to what my clients are looking for and want. You never know how long till one of the little ones in a family is going to have had it. You might only have 5 minutes with some of them before they want nothing to do with you and that camera of yours!   I then make a good amount of adjustments in camera raw to get my lighting just the way I want it for the ‘feel’ of the picture, adjust white balance,  and play with saturation of individual colors…etc. From there, in cs4 I do levels, curves,  clean up face and adjust cmyk using the “number rule” to get my skin tones where I want them. I then focus on getting the background colors the way I’d like them to be with various tools in ps. I do burn a bit on a seperate layer so I can control it. Do EVERYTHING on a seperate layer that you can. From there, there are alot of finetunings I do that I am not quite sure how to explain on a blog, but that’s about it. I try hard to get my lighting right straight out of camera and this makes a huge difference. Lighting is everything in my book. You could have a fabulous location, amazing outfits, adorable family,  but if your light isn’t right…the images just aren’t going to be as natural in the end.


SO…happy spring! Go take some pictures of the ones you LovE th MOST..and play with different tools till you find your style.

I LOVE this session…and these two are so fun. I was laughing for a good majority of the session with them. I had to hold my breath to take a picture sometimes and then continue the laugh after I was done!

 Doug and Ashley, you two are perfect together…truly meant to be.  You both have the best personalities and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding! Come back soon for the “lifestyle” portion of you  “them beautiful peoples session”…it turned out TOO FUN! For now, two from our ‘portrait portion’ of the evening…