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I know, she could be in one of those “Beautiful”…by Este Lauder commercials! I am so enamored with your entire session, Miss Liz…I’m having a hard time leaving my computer to pack. It will be my pleasure to share more of this amazing session when we return from Virginia. I simply adore when brides give themselves permission to be fabulous for their bridals. You should feel beautiful, powerful, and completely full of inner worth as a bride. It only happens once…so whatever beautiful, powerful and self worthy looks like to YOU, have your photographer capture simply that. Don’t apologize for your ideas and desires…make them happen! That’s atleast what I feel should happen as a professional and on a personal level. (stepping off the soap box now) 

  For now, I will be out of the office until Tuesday. For those that are still waiting for their full post’s and orders…I’ll get right on it when I return. Until then…happy M Weekend.

I don’t care what stage of life you’re in, love  is just cool. More to come!

That is adored more than any can imagine! Miss A, her sweet Momma, felt her  family wasn’t quite complete. She emailed me a few short months back about a family session because they were looking to adopt and needed some updated, fun images of their family together. When I met them, I knew instantly that they were an amazing family. It was only a few short weeks after I had gotten their pictures to them that they received a call of a baby being born and the Mom was very interested in their family as her new family. Needless to say, Miss A was on a plane within a week to bring home this 5 pound bundle of pure sweetness. I was honored to capture their newest edition. I just finished the last of this sequence and wanted to share a few more of Miss Ella….

Intently, as Auntie told me about her sweet Niece, Carly.   Being the amazing sister she is, she decided to come to Utah to be with her sweet sister in a time that has been rather challenging for their new little family. Her gift to her sister was a session to document the first month’s of Carly’s life.  Sweet Carly was born into this world with a handful of challenges that most of us will never come close to dealing with.  The list is many, but to give an idea of just how fantastic she is, she has endured brain surgery, has gone from 100+ seizures a day to around 15, must have a device in her head for the rest of her life that helps the fluid around her brain drain, has a tonic left glaze….etc.  Her parents have been and are faithful, diligent, loving and truly angelic throughout her life. They had been waiting to have her pictures taken because she is very sensitive to touch and slight movements can set her off because of all the medication she is on.  Regardless,  how grateful I am that they chose to have her life documented just the way she is right now.

I fully came prepared to only be able to take pictures of her in her swing that she loves. I did not want to hurt her in any way.  However, I brought along my props with the hope that we might be able to use atleast one of them.  We started out slow…with Momma holding her and eventually we were able to get her calm enough that she fell asleep! We worked like the wind and only used one basket for fear we might hurt her if we moved her too much.  With all that was “against” us, I am more than thrilled at what we were able to accomplish in the few short hours I was able to be with them.

Carly, you are an inspiration to me, your eyes are beyond wise…you are beautiful, your soul is perfect. Thank you for touching my heart and reminding me that we are not just here by chance…we have a purpose… and we will continue to “be” far beyond the times our earthly bodies give way. 

My first degree’s in school included Special Education.  I was a Resource teacher for a few short years before I started my family.  My youngest sister, Amy,  has Down’s Syndrome.  My sister Alli takes care of those that have a hard time taking care of themselves.  My sister, Ashley, teaches High School level Special Education “Severe Profound Unit”.    Her students adore her. She often tells me of her experiences as they take field trips throughout the town of people looking at them and watching them as they are just “being them.”  Ash has told me that she doesn’t even notice they are “different” until she see’s the reaction of others that are watching. To her….”that is just them…”   We truly have so much to learn from those that were sent to this earth with special challenges. 

Ash and Amy are both heroes to me. I am honored and completely humbled to have them both in my life. I cannot tell you how much both have tought me through their examples. I am truly a blessed Lady because of them. I know that all who meet Carly in her lifetime will feel the same about her.