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Gear switch…Modern Escape

Its past time…I know. But, if there are any seniors out there left that would like a session before going on your “merry way”… you are just about to be rewarded for procrastining! The price for a senior session is $150…with 20 of your best images on a high resolution cd and copyright release. Limit of three sessions available! NOW, on to the images of Miss Leesa…I hope you enjoy them, my friend.

Just perfection.

Dear Ella,

You have made me rethink a great many things today….

Your new friend,


Miss Momma….And now you can SHOW your friends why you came so far {wink}! You are a dear, a TRUE woman, a kind soul…with one big heart. She is perfection…and so are you as her Mother, truly.  AND, here she is as true art…those lips, that little chin, perfect hands and tiny little head. True art.