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I am so in love with these! PLEASE do dappled light when it hits your subjects perfect collar bones and cheek bones like this! We had quite an eventful night full of unexpectedness. However, it made for so much fun…along with alot of imagry! We had everything from ice in June, to an amazing herd of sheep with little babes all over. Thanks to all of you for trooping up into the thickets of the aspen groves with me.  The natural beauty of these bridals is perfection to me… and fits your amazing natural beauty perfectly. Thanks for waiting so long for your preview….can’t wait for you to see all of them!

I don’t know if this will be your favorite Mal…but I so love your look in this first one…playful and beautiful…perfect model look!

Since Alice in Wonderlands “Madd Hatter” seems to be “all the rage” for portrait themes lately, I thought I’d add a little touch of the Hair to my posts…ok, maybe that’s cheezy. Regardless, I am late. My “previews” are getting slower and further apart! However, they are still coming. For now, here’s a cute little rockstar… I could just munch him up!  Mom and Dad came with all sorts of fun ideas to try…very different than what I usually do.  However, I think they are so cute. His room is black with primary colors and has a “music” theme. Thus….the headphone shot. AND…getting those little buggers to stick straight up took quite a large amount of work. I’m so glad we got it for the three of you. Enjoy your little preview…and more coming.

I’ve always wanted to begin a post that way…don’t know why.  When I met this couple, they were pleasant, kind, very sweet and extremely cool.  I think I remember Mallory saying something to the effect of… “we’re kind of dorky…” which I just don’t believe anymore. You two have your own special something goin on that I can’t quite explain. BUT, I know I love it! 

Mikiah and Mallory met me for their engagement session last week and I instantly raved about the awesome new spot where the sun trickles in…and there’s green all around that I was going to take them to.  We got there and headed out to the specific spot where the ferns had grown  to the point you couldn’t even see the ground anymore. I said something like….”you’re going down there”….and they obliged.  Little did I know that it was a trap of beauty….set by mosquitos that were waiting to pounce. I had 30+ by the time the night was over….and the two of them had many more.  I felt so horrible!   However, the images are perfection…simple….lovely…clean…crisp…bright and fun. You two are insanely photogenic and I fear you must never have any qualms about stepping infront of a camera again.

Here’s just one…an inbetween the posed shots, if you will….my favorite kind. I love backlight…ADORE it. I love when it spills in just perfectly over my subjects.  I couldn’t touch this image in photoshop…I just had to leave it in its perfect simplistic beauty. LOVE. Love.

AND….just had to finish the night seeing just how far my pocket wizards would work…ohhh, I love them.  They are perfection and worth every penny. Love the scenic pulled back shot for a bit of variety…