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Its official…she’s amazing! Meet the style and creation’s of Judy, owner and designer behind EmmiFaye Designs. I hope it goes without saying that I only take portraits and support designers that have superb quality. EmmiFaye is no exception. I was giddy when these fabulous pieces came in the mail….and now I’m even more giddy that they will be in my studio to use for clients. Regardless, her attention to detail is truly fabulous. Infact, this first picture just might be my new favorite of my little Pixie….and so much has to do with the dress. The colors are soft, yet saturated and crisp. The quality of fabric and detail work is great, and the overall design is adorable! I would  be overjoyed if little people showed up for a shoot in her clothing! You are one talented Lady, Miss Judy!

SO….Go check her other fabulous designs out at EmmiFaye Designs! You will only be thrilled! She also has a baby store on etsy as well!

I have so much to share…and life is not slowing down for me to do it! For now….it must be a “photo of the day” day! This little cherub is pure perfection. The sunlight trickling in, the look….pleasant perfection.

AND….I guess I have time for just a few more…for I must show atleast a few of her family…and their uber amazing truck.  Color….ahhhh…love.

Then again, I adore a black and white with a little flair coming through the trees…..

And…an “up close and personal: classic portrait shot”

Big Sis.     Little Sis.        With a bit of texture.     These hung together would be so cute.  Maybe I’ll hang them on my own home!

What do you get when amazing designers come together? Even MORE amazing designs! I’ve had the fabulous opportunity to own and use Krystin’s adorable children’s line in my studio over the past year. Eliza Kate NEVER dissapoints!  She is an amazing woman and talented seamstress. Her clothing is always top notch…her designs are always adorable! However, this year, she’s teamed up with an equally amazing company, Nuxiemade, to design fabulous hats to go with her clothing. I love being one of the photographers that gets to capture the essence of their work through my lens! Here are a few of their pieces from their amazing fall line! I love the naustalgic, vintage inspired feel of the fabric….and had to go a bit “vintage” myself with my editing for these.  Click on their names to head to their ETSY stores OR head to the end of the post for their blogs!  Their full fall lines will be out shortly!

AND….a bit of the vintage touch. There’s something about this color blue that just makes me think vintage. Add the birdcages and flowers….and you’ve got yourself a little slice of  ‘yesteryear’ retro love!

AND…a “dream…vintage feeling” black and white that I think might just need to be printed for my home as well! What is it with me and serious, pouty pictures? I adore them!



The amazing LIZ and JASON that I have VERY much enjoyed taking portraits for… have their very own double feature on the Utah bride blog today! Check all the images out together there. This blog is a great place for future brides to get inspiration and begin to gather ideas to help formulate their “one of a kind” day.