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What do you get when you combine a family of five kiddos under the age of 8 (four being boys), one ‘happy’ dog off his leash, and a venue with a great deal of “fun toys”  to play with? Well, if you’re ready for the chaos…you can get a great deal! What a fun session I had the other evening with this fabulous family. They chose the location, and I couldn’t be happier with their choice! I have photographed here years ago, but it is new and improved. Its a perfect spot for fun, somewhat edgy shots with lots of color and personality. Here’s a few individuals for you to peak at, “S” Family. As always, I can’t wait for you to see all of them!

The beautiful “Little Miss”…

And her “adorably handsome” brothers!

I was SO very tempted to show the outtakes of this session….hilarious! Right after the above picture was taken, I caught the “littlest Mr.” hitting his older brother on the head.  Its all on camera and pretty darn funny. Enjoy the color….

I am so behind in my blogging of sessions. Forgiveness is a must at this point! I am so sorry… I shot this wedding back in June! It was an amazing California wedding. The family was fabulous….the company was superb…surroundings, perfection… and the amazingness of the whole night was magical. Doug and Ashley are SO FUN….and funny as well. They have a way about them that draws people in, makes them comfortable, and allows people to just love them. The guests ‘literally’ were still coming after the nights festivities were over. Steady stream of “well wishers” the entire time. Here’s just a little peak at their day….

And this just might be part of the reason they’re so cool! When you’re raised by and with people like this, how can you NOT be!

We headed over to this AMAZING Spanish Villa for pictures before the ceremony. There was so many different types of light going on here, and I loved playing! Beautiful!

Candles at beginning of night…with a little ring action…

Same Candles at end of night…with a little dessert action!

Candles and twinkle lights everywhere! Amazing summer wedding.

Cutest little kids ever running around everywhere! So many A-dorable nieces and nephews!

One set of the Amazing Mom and Pops…

You two are amazing! Best wishes for all that is to come!

Kangacoo = Some of the cutest clothes I’ve seen! I’ve never seen a dress with ruffles on the back like this before…and it is A-dorable. Katie, owner and designer at Kangacoo has some of the cutest designs and fabric I’ve seen. I love her combinations. Again, details details details! The ties at the top are sturdy and the fabric is crisp and thick, but still soft. Rest assured, this little dress will be on my little lady a great deal. Check out her Etsy Store and stay tuned for her fall and winter lines as well. Lots of soft, deep rich fabrics!

Look at these details! Love sturdy fabric that’s still soft and bendable for little ones. Truly…this dress has it all!

Again, its all in the details. I adore. adore. ADORE! Heather’s designs at Neemies. Her eye for details are amazing and her designs are pure goodness. The patters and colors she picks are just the icing on the cake. Everything about her little girl clothing line makes me smile. Take a look at her Etsy store soon for these and more of her upcoming fashions!