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That’s it…just pure sweetness from tonights session. It was the first time I’d meant them, and I only wish I could have more clients just like them. They were tender and sweet with their little girl, they were relaxed, fun, and kind. Thank you for being you!  I told you I’d have a few up before you left the State! Have a fabulous time with family and friends and safe travels!

They live in Oregon, their home is modern…I wanted to pop colors, have a funky location, but still reflect the softness of an amazing little family.

LOOK AT THIS BUNDLE of SWEET! Her name is Piper…perfection.

This picture hangs in my hallway up to my studio….20×30. Big and beautiful! I love it. My little man, so inquisitive, such a thinker, always making plans….always trying new things.  He’s sensitive, funny, and truly has my heart.

Its all in the details! I fully believe that. Cheryl, Owner and designer of Harmony Girls’ is no exception to this rule! Her clothing is so detail oriented, its amazing. When I pulled this skirt out of the box, I squealed! Her patchwork details are amazing. If you had me sew that many little squares in a straight line….well, it just would not happen. However, the skirt is perfect. The colors are fabulous….the details are amazing. Her clothing lines can be found at her ETSY STORE: Harmony Girls. She has a range of “summer and fall” colors. Each piece is unique…fabulous…and perfect for so many occasions. Ofcourse, I’ve said this before…if someone showed up in an adorable skirt like this for a shoot, I’d be overjoyed! Thanks, Cheryl, for sharing your fabulous talents with me!