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It’s an ordinary day. Nothing particularly special is going on. We’re all just here…doing our thing…helping each other. The kids are taking a bike ride, Ben’s tearing out our bathroom, I’m doing laundry/dishes/deep cleaning….etc. Jade’s napping, and the house is just being lived in. Suddenly, something rushes over me, something I don’t always get to feel. JOY. I thank the Lord for those moments, for the moments I realize why we are here, what’s most important, and how I desire to live my life. The list of “must do’s” or “must be’s” seems to sluff off so much easier in those moments. AND, my ability to simply be, simply live seems to be so much closer and easier than before.

Edited to Say: These shots aren’t perfect, just us fooling around in the studio one day. BUT, I love them. Even though I don’t love myself in images, I really want them to have pictures of us together….so they can look back when growing up years might get hard and remember…Mom was there, she loved me more than anything in the world.

Up next…one of my most perfect summer weddings. Jeff + Heather. Your wedding was  just a dream. The two of you and your families were some of the kindest I’ve ever met. Thank you for letting me share your day with you. Here are just a few before the wave of images comes next!

Like I said before. I miss you two. Your wedding was perfect. Truly, the time, details and effort you put into customizing your special day were all equally amazing. To see how much of your own hours went into making it yours was truly a labor of love. I am honored…truly. Enjoy a very small peak of whats to come.

Oh, the details. Swoon.

Dang girl. That’s all. Just dang.

You two are amazing. Best wishes for a life filled with joy and happiness.

I promise your full post is next on my list. I miss you two. I like you. I think your wedding rocked. The end.

For now… One favorite black and white of the day.