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It all started with a trip to a 3-d movie with a little pizza and chatting afterwards. The chatting turned into popping the middles out of the glasses and wearing them to pizza. That turned in to designing a full shoot around the glasses on our way home….which turned in to me inviting all these saavy ladies back over to my home for a little shooting and giggling.  I love my daughters friends. They all really know who they are…are confident…fun…and just plain good. All I have to say is, they must be confident to pull off a shoot like this. I adore each of you!

I adore them. They are my world. I would be nothing of what I am today without them. Each one is so unique…so different from the other. My goal was to capture a little of them…and use a softer processing than I usually do for the images. Amongst whipping wind, clouds, and chills…we managed to get just that. More to come soon.

Ooooh, love him!