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As much as it was fun to try a “softer…airy” edit on the images I took of my kids last week, I must give the ones for my wall a richer tone. I can’t help myself, I just adore seeing rich, fabulous color throughout my home. Here’s a few for the walls….

Mmmm…can’t wait to get them on my walls. They’ll be going up the staircase….I think. Love their faces. p.s. Notice none of the little miss. She wasn’t loving the camera this day.  I will have my revenge though…I will get a shot of her that I love!

With All My Heart.  Just them…being them. Perfect to me.

My little ham. Almost everything he does lately is funny.

My curious, pensive…completely self motivated sweet man.

My “almost teen”…always in charge, beautiful helper.

“I got my eyes on you…”