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Can you see the little breathes of fall in these images. Taken a week ago…Fall has already hit in the mountains! These two are perfect for eachother… so great working with both of you.

I’ll be out of town today and tomorrow…for a whirlwind trip. For now, here’s what’s up next. One of my fabulous summer families. SUCH a cute family!

I’ve got 5 spots left for family Fall Portraits. The leaves change up here at the end of September and are gone by the second week of October. If you’d like to schedule…let me know in the next week.

It was the craziest weather we’ve had in a LONG while here in the mountains. You were all troopers…I could not have asked for more from your little ones. We had no idea it would be dark at 7pm because of the thickness of the clouds…and the wind…oh the wind. But we did it. AND…I’ll share the individuals of these cute little people here shortly. Love their personalities!

How lucky am I to get to take pictures of such an amazingly beautiful family! It was completely my pleasure doing this for you guys. I could have shot your family all day. THIS is what I’ve  been waiting to do for you…the results are much different than being in the freezing cold after the sun has set in the middle of a snowy park…aren’t they?! Timing and taking the time to position just right can make all the difference. Thanks again…you are all  beautiful… (and handsome…Landon).

p.s. Yes, I there are still some “renegade” hairs that glistened in the sun I still need to fix…I just couldn’t wait to get these up.