Ivie… [park city utah photographer]

June 27, 2012

I keep trying to freeze time, but its running away from me! Here is Ivie, 6 weeks old. She is so sweet. I have to say that she is the only baby I’ve ever had that will fall asleep by herself ever so often. She has a kind heart. I know it might seem a bit crazy so say that about an infant who can do little more than eat, sleep, and poop, but as a Mom, I feel it. She is so dear to all of us. Its been a bit different this time, knowing she is my last. I feel like a bit of a panic as I try and savor the moments that are moving so quickly. I realize that this will be the last time that I will hold a small infant in my arms and feed her…rock her…snuggle her on a daily basis…etc. I’m certain I will have the opportunities when I have grandkids, but not like this. Not daily…not as frequent and intensified. Whenever I get antsy (which you know is  so often if you know me) to get stuff done, I try and remember this. I try and remember to snuggle her extra, to not be as quick to get up in the morning when she is laying quietly asleep beside me, to hold her extra.  Regardless of how I try and scoop all these memories up and keep them securely in my brain, I know I will forget. I have to find another way to get them all documented and down before its too late, and they slip away. For now, here she is…in all her sweet 6 week glory.