About Anne

February 23, 2009


I love what I do…all of it. I love being a Mother to five beautiful, active, amazing children. I love being wife to one love of my life, my husband. I love the earth after a rain, and I adore the crispness of Fall. I start planning Christmas in July, and I live for the smell of my children close to me. When my husband wraps his arms around me, I know I’m home.

I also love emotion…and very much enjoy capturing it forever through my lens. I love beauty, in all its forms. I love photography…I feel it chose me. I grew up with a father who was constantly filming us…that was constantly capturing us through his own lens. Now that he has passed, I cherish these images immensely. I thank him in heaven often for capturing our lives as he saw them.

A few more things about me…

I am a romantic…with a touch of realism handed to me through life experiences.

I love sushi…all kinds, but mostly fried!

I love to shop with my girls and

Redecorate rooms in my home.

I love old wood…

The color Red, and

hugging my sweet babies tight when they first wake up with their sleepy eyes.

Because my first job is that of Mommy and wife, I limit my sessions each season. If you feel I might be the photographer for you, please call me at (435) 503-1676