Ahhh… [park city utah photographer]

July 7, 2011

I feel much better. She’s my little whistle…my little whirlwind of feelings, emotions…and attitudes. She is sweet and tender…with the attitude and presence of a queen.  She’s beautiful and persistent. She’s full of life…FULL of LIFE. AND, now, I feel much better. I caught her behind my camera. She was the only one I didn’t capture the way I wanted in our last family portrait outing. SO, now I have them forever. This age, this innocence, this determination and zest for life. The “looks”, the whimsy, the whispy curls, the “almost smiles’ and those little hands. Oh, the little hands. I love them so.  Mom LOVES you Jade Esther.

Love the warmth is this shot.

Please…just one smile.

I’ll take it!…smiling with the eyes.

Adore the hands…