CANNOT WAIT…[Midway Utah Family Photographer]

June 28, 2009

To share this session with you! This is my new found, amazing photographer friend and her family of four fabulous boys! She describes herself as “all girl” and her signature color is PINK! How fun is that. Inbetween Pokimon cards as bribes and checking all my captures just to make sure I got them (because they leave for Maryland in a day:( we got ourselves a full CF card of  serious LOVE! I thought I’d post this cute little snap taken at the end of our session…right after we got through with the “fabulous pink shoes” with barefoot boys shot…of the boys with their “new treasures” and some stinkin cute feet.  I got so much amazingness, Tif, that I’m really not sure how I’m going to narrow them down! Can’t wait for you to see them…and if you critique  too much, I’ll cancel my trip to MD in the winter….Smile Smile Smile! Wish we could have hung out longer. Just so you know, I bribed all your boys when I took their individual shots to tell you they wanted to move to UT. I hope it works!