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I’m definately not “bored…with my boards” lately. OK, that was really cheezy! Can you tell I need to get out of the house and have some interaction with adults for awhile? I’m starting to talk like a child’s storybook. Anyway, here are two recents that I was able to put together for clients. One was for a wedding and the other for a sweet families front room. Both have dynamic stories…and are so blessed to be together.     

     Speaking of interactions… (was I actually speaking about them earlier…?) that’s one of my favorite parts of my job…getting to know little pieces of my clients lives. I love sharing the “human experience” with them. I always try hard to help my  familes photo shoot’s be something that they’ll remember fondly…a fun time together. I remember growing up and having to go to studios…hold someone elses doll or umbrella…and sit still and smile at the camera. By the time we got to the studio, atleast one of the kids was crying, the others were antsy and tired and Mom was mad…Dad checked out…and so on… My hope is ALWAYS to make the shoot seem more like a “playdate with Anne” and create a fun environment…with TRUE interactions…so familes can look back on their portraits fondly and smile as they look at them through the ages. That emotional connection is just as important to me as the “technical” part of portraits.

     I also try very hard to use all my techniques to give the family what they want in their portrait. I don’t like to limit myself to being a “specific” type of photographer. Instead, I get to know a bit more about my clients first…likes, dislikes, style preferences, colors…etc. That way, when it comes time for the shoot, I’m not just giving them what I would want….but instead, mixing in key elements about them as well. Some families I use brighter colors for, others are softer with more subtle textures, others have a deeper tone to create a different mood…..etc. etc. So there you have it…AND…I’m done! Just felt like sharing a bit more about me and what’s truly important to me in this post.



I’ve played and played today…and I think this is it! These are the colors in his room…and this board will hand right over his bed. I wanted it to be simple…blocky…boyish…and FUN like HIM! The quote is from Winnie the Pooh! It describes him to a “T”! Always a grand adventure awaiting…….


Family Storyboard

March 8, 2009

Here is a simple storyboard that looks great for just about anything you can dream up. I’ve been trying to get a few samples of these up on my site so clients can see what they are. I love how customizable they are to your home and your personality. This is a great way to showcase more than one portrait at a time in a frame. I often have people say how hard it is to pick which portraits they like best and this way, you can use many of them. x-storyboard2

I get this question often from clients….and I don’t think I do a great job explaining it sometimes. Basically, a storyboard is a way to customize your portraits to fit your style or specific space in your home where you’d like your portraits to hang. The board is customizable with any saying, name, or color you’d like to make it. There are many different types…in all sizes. This is one I did for a friend to go abone her baby girl’s crib. Its a 10×20 size in the colors of her bedroom. I will do these for any of my clients….they’re fun, unique and a great way to showcase more than one portrait in a frame at a time.