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My Babies.

January 8, 2015

To be their Mother is one of my most cherished blessing in this life. I love waking up to their smiling faces each morning…to feel their sweet fingers around my neck…to smell their sweet little smell when I give them the ‘first hug of the morning’. Their tender hearts are forever woven to mine…and for this, I rejoice daily.

What would my Jade have done without Ivie? She wouldn’t have had anyone to use her sweet “mothering” insticts on. I adore their relationship. Even though they are three and a half years apart, there is still a bond of sisterhood there that is magical and amazing to me. Sweet little ladies…I adore them, and am So Blessed to call them Mine.

As much as it was fun to try a “softer…airy” edit on the images I took of my kids last week, I must give the ones for my wall a richer tone. I can’t help myself, I just adore seeing rich, fabulous color throughout my home. Here’s a few for the walls….

Mmmm…can’t wait to get them on my walls. They’ll be going up the staircase….I think. Love their faces. p.s. Notice none of the little miss. She wasn’t loving the camera this day.  I will have my revenge though…I will get a shot of her that I love!