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Love Forever.

May 10, 2016

Its Mentoring time again! I am thrilled to be offering a few spots for one on one mentoring sessions for the month of April and May.  These can happen over the phone or in person…and will be tailored to where you are in your shooting and editing abilities. The one on one mentoring will be a half day course that will consist of, but not be limited to the following. You may also come with all your questions! Email me with questions and details on how to secure your spot

  • Shooting a well exposed RAW image in Manual Mode
    Exposure (what makes up proper exposure and how to achieve it)
    Aperture, shutter speed, ISO (what each does)
    Light meter
    Depth of field
  • Composition and Rule of Thirds
    Perspective (high, low, even shooting and when to do each to achieve different looks and aid in the feeling and emotion of the image).
  • Discussion on lenses
  • Finding the light and how to position people to light for different results
    Posing tips and tricks
  • How to create feeling and emotion in your images

Photoshop for Clean Timeless Editing
How to download RAW images in to ACR
Complete workflow in both ACR and Photoshop
Tools that will help with Exposure and Temperature
How to achieve different depths and definition
Tools for Basic workflow
Tools for large and small cosmetic touch-ups
Tools for sharpening

What would my Jade have done without Ivie? She wouldn’t have had anyone to use her sweet “mothering” insticts on. I adore their relationship. Even though they are three and a half years apart, there is still a bond of sisterhood there that is magical and amazing to me. Sweet little ladies…I adore them, and am So Blessed to call them Mine.