Freakin…COOL! {Salt Lake City Wedding photographer}

April 16, 2009


So…I must tell you why I like this first one. Miss M’s Colors for her wedding were RED and TURQUOISE!  How fun is it that these AMAZING leaves…with the pop of color in the fence have those two colors together!


Seriously…I so wish I would have had this much guts when I was getting married! I LOVE your engagement’s you two! You are both TOO fun…and Funky…and Silly…and, well, just plain Cool. These are the engagements from the wedding that I proofed (Vintage with a Pop) last week. I did not shoot these…the photog that did shoot them only gave them the “straight out of camera” versions. Its a shame, because with a little extra work, these suckers are, yep….”freakin cool!” I just thought the two of you might like to see a little peak. You’ve been waiting way too long for great engagements…so HERE YOU ARE! I’m SO CLOSE to having them in your hot little hands! Seriously, you guys are HOT! I wish I could have shot your wedding………………..but SO GLAD I am able to do this end for you!


A Sweet, more serious… “almost sillouette”…shows how much you two really “like eachother”…