“I’m Late…I’m late… (Heber Utah Photographer)

June 15, 2010

Since Alice in Wonderlands “Madd Hatter” seems to be “all the rage” for portrait themes lately, I thought I’d add a little touch of the Hair to my posts…ok, maybe that’s cheezy. Regardless, I am late. My “previews” are getting slower and further apart! However, they are still coming. For now, here’s a cute little rockstar… I could just munch him up!  Mom and Dad came with all sorts of fun ideas to try…very different than what I usually do.  However, I think they are so cute. His room is black with primary colors and has a “music” theme. Thus….the headphone shot. AND…getting those little buggers to stick straight up took quite a large amount of work. I’m so glad we got it for the three of you. Enjoy your little preview…and more coming.