In the Elements… [Heber, Utah Wedding Photographer]

August 28, 2009

 Do you ever have a session, as a photographer that you walk away from and say…that’s me! This was one of those sessions for me.  I’m a crisp color lady….I feel the most comfortable in nature…and I am in love with Fall. I love lighted backdrops of setting sun…and soft glowing faces. It makes me smile…alot.  Even though we have a few more weeks till the leaves start changing in my neck of the woods, I start to get so excited about now. I change my “scentsy scents” to “caramel popcorn” and “pumkin spice”. I start to notice the colors in my work getting even deeper than before and the flairs of sun get a bit less “summery” and  more crisp and exact. I start to feel drawn to be outdoors more and to capture the rich tones of the season to come. All I have to say is…Thank goodness for painters plastic. All of you wedding photographers that don’t believe in “trashing the dress” will know what I mean!  You couldn’t get me in a studio right now for all the money in the world…or a down pour. Actually, not even a down pour. However, studio work will start around February…the “above the garage” studio is beginning. It’ll get us through the winter months for those bitter mountain winters.

Enjoy the rest of these, you two.