Jeff & Heather: Engaged. [midway utah photographer]

July 26, 2010

It has been quite the effort tonight to choose which of this fabulous couple’s images to post. I want to post so many more, but deadlines are upon me and I am working like a mad woman, pregnant and all, to get all done. Did I just say that out loud? Yes, for those who haven’t noticed, I am expecting. AND, at this number, that “bump” happens to present itself a bit faster than before. Regardless, I wanted to share a little slice of each “type” of image from their session. It truly was amazing…the light, my new found favorite place, the colors, and ofcourse, them! They are both very good looking peoples, and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding here shortly. SO, here is just a little sampling of what’s to come, you two. ENJOY….

PS. Jeff, you’re photogenic…just saying. Heather, you have the most amazing eyes I have ever seen. AND, I like starting sentences with and, And I told you they were beautiful!

Love the soft flair, the backlight, and the “unplanned” moment….favorite kinds!

She’ll be doing a “40’s feel” for her reception with all forms of soft colors. Thus, I processed some with this airy, softer feel.

You’re BEAUTIFUL Heather!

Love the edit on this one…deep, rich, framed…mmmmm

Ahhh….the last kiss as the sun sets behind the hills. Perfection.