Just One…of an amazingly powerful, kind, fun…somewhat naughty woman…

March 30, 2010

Just one fabulous portrait of an amazing woman…Miss Victoria Dahl. How do you go about taking a portrait for a beautiful, sophisticated, mother of two, wife to one, somewhat naughty (she called herself that…for the record), very funny, extremely smart novelist who is up for a national award for her newest present day romance series? I have no idea how you sum all that up with one portrait. Thus, I took many…many…many portraits for her.  

Victoria,  you were an absolute pleasure to work with.  You’re  fun, refreshingly real, kind, and inspiring! I think its marvelous that you are up for yet another faublous award! Best of luck with all your future plans. 

 Her two newest series are set in mountain towns and thus we both thought it only fitting to explore a bit of mountain air ourselves. For now, just one…but more to come!