Just Us. [park city utah photographer]

September 28, 2010

Yep, I know. What in the world am I doing posting pictures of “us” when I have so many clients waiting for peaks?!?!  I promise…its for family! Just wanted to show a quick peak at our shots for the season. I did them bright, popped, crisp….because that’s what I like big on my walls. It is so hard to see true details and value on blogs. I just wish I could let everyone see these hung huge in my home. I pop out certains features for a reason. When you’re across the room from a print, I want it to look amazing…be a presence in your home…and draw people in closer. Thus, I stand firm that a wall portrait shouldn’t be processed the same as a “wedding day”…album shot would, or a one that a designer is going to use for a blog. There are differences…just saying.

Miss Pip…love her and her serious looks.

My prize…my helper….my friend.

Not the best picture of him…but my Little Man. Always thinking, always inquisitive.

The chief…anyone that knows him is very aware that what he lacks in size, he makes up for in attitude. He can make anyone laugh…