LOVE. [midway utah photogarpher]

February 22, 2011

Happy Belated Love Day. I’ve been thinking alot about love lately… its purpose, and what it propels us to do.  I can honestly say that, without love, I don’t think our little family would have made it through this last 8 months as good as we have. To say we’ve had our share of challenges is an understatement. I’m not quite certain if this is a bad feeling to feel, but I often look at others with their list of awesome accomplishments for the year, and I think about how many of my own I did not reach. Then I wonder, why was the last year so tough? Why do I feel like I ran a marathon each month, had triplets, ran four successful businesses…etc…when all I did was survive.  Between two miscarriages…one at 17 weeks, semi “on the rocks” health, a mother with breast cancer, a father in law with a rare form of skin cancer thats already taken two vital organs and close to his life, coming home to a $35,000 flood on Thanksgiving night, to the smaller details like a wrecked car, stitches, and a bathroom remodel, I think we have run our own personal marathon’s this year. We’ve kept most quiet, and tried to keep our childrens’ lives as steady as possible. But, its taken its toll. We are tired. Many days, I wake up and the first thought in my head is to give up…but its not an option.  I know that.  Then, going about my day,  I get that little look from one of my sweeties, that hug from my sweetheart, a kind phone call…just wondering how we are, or that heartfelt handshake from someone we care about. I then remember one of the reason’s we are doing as well as we are.   It simple really…love, in all its forms. It gives us something to look towards, to look forward to, helps us to feel, and gives us the right and privilege to believe that things can get better…that they can be fixed. In our greatest times of struggle and pain, love truly is the answer.  So, in lies my single goal for the new year. To love more often, to love deeper. If this year has taught me anything, its that you really cannot predict what will happen. For this reason, I did not make new years goals this year.  No more lose 15 pounds, run a marathon, be in the best shape of my life, take on more with my business…etc. I don’t like to fail….I really don’t like it. BUT, I know that whatever happens, I can love…and I can do a better job at it this year. Lets hug the ones we love more…not waiting for an “almost” tragedy to help us to feel.

My little Miss….The one that keeps me on my toes…I love her.