LOVE THIS FAMILY….{Heber, Utah Family Photographer}

October 29, 2009

Its been awhile since I’ve been able to do a true “urban session”.  Mom A knew exactly what she wanted. I met her in SLC and she led me to this funky little street in the middle of town. The colors were bright (and ofcourse I made them brighter)…they were dressed so fun with a tweak of funky, kids were so very cute, Mom and Dad were fun and very nice looking themselves, Mom A had the most gorgeous skin I’ve ever seen…what more can a photographer ask for.  So thrilled you chose me…





I don’t always do this, but I wanted You…Miss Angie…to be able to see some of the different edits on one image in a row….especially since you’ve had some unfortunate experiences with “past photographers” {smile}




Seriously, aren’t they cute?! At one point, Miss A said something like…”I don’t know how to do this…” Little did you know you already were…

NOW…I must put a small plug in here. With the photoshop world being so prevelant in portraits, it is very easy to masacre your skin tones and really take the “clarity” out of a picture. I see it ALL THE TIME…even on photographers blogs that are supposedly pretty dang good and who have been around for awhile. I love to pop my colors…and it can truly make a picture amazing. But…PLEASE make sure your photographer has the “know how” and will spend the extra extensive time it takes to use layers, erase back, etc. etc.  and really make your fun colorful portraits something you will be proud to hang on your wall. I do my share of blog surfing.  There is alot of unfortunate “yucky stuff” (for lack of a better word) going on out there. Just be careful….even though someone has been around for along time and has a “great name” doesn’t mean they are good. Sometimes, it just means they are great at the business aspect of photography and know how to advertise and get their name out there. Really look at their images before you book a session with them… OK, I’m done. On the opposite note, I see so many fabulous people out there that truly deserve to be called professionals. If you aren’t interested in using me, please email me for a list of some of my favorites. I’d rather you use them than someone your “friend tells you is good…”

ALSO…I know I have a great deal left to learn.  I am far from perfect with my skills…Its part of the reason I’ve picked photography…never ending in the learning department.

Oh yes…and a quick “philosophy’ by Anne….Its better to have a smaller portion of amazing images you’d like to hang on your wall than a whole slew of mediocre ones that sit in the drawer….