Lungbergs. Fall. Glowing evening light. [heber utah photographer]

September 28, 2010

Any session that starts out with a “test shot” like this, I just cannot wait to get up on my screen and start proofing! This is the backdrop. Back light, evening sun, fall, aspens, bokeh….love.

I love SO many different types of sessions that its truly hard for me to define my style. I adore urban…fun…popped out colors. I smile over fall scenery and rich, lush backdrops. AND, I swoon over backlight with some yummy bokeh! It seems that no two sessions are exactly the same, and I love LOVE it that way. Each family is so unique and if you really spend the time to figure out what is beautiful to each, you can create lasting pieces of art for your clients. This family, I love them. I took them to one of my most favorite…coveted spots. I say coveted, because I’d love to do my family shoot here. The setting sun bouncing off the little pond and streaming through the aspens is, well, simply put, magical. MAGICAL! I love the softness of the backlit shots… and that’s what I’ll show you tonight. We pulled out my lights at the end and got some “studio feeling” images as well. But for now…backlight and soft bokeh. LEERRRRRVE!

Mr. Big brother…such a little stud.

OOOHhhh…I love her when she’ll sit still for me! Such a little Pixie.

This little man…we might just have to keep him and my Gray away from eachother. If they grow up to be best buds, there is trouble in the village. Cutest kid….I kid you not!

This must be BIG somewhere in your home! Doesn’t get much cuter than this. LOVE!

AND, here’s the reason the above three are such stinkin cuties! We did it…a couples picture. I ADORE how it turned out and am FULLY jealous. I would very much like a shot like this with my hotness of a husband.

It must be late because I’m laughing so hard at this image right now! Hard enough to put IT on the blog!  Even “little miss” is pullin a face. Rest assured, we got some fab family shots, but this one…I’m pushin for IT to be in the Christmas cards this year “L Family!”

Magical…I know. Simple. Perfect. Magical.

You rocked it out this year Lundbergs. SO many more to see!  Its always a pleasure!