MINE… [park city utah photographer]

January 15, 2010


He’s All Mine…there’s no giving him back! Truly, I love him…even when I want to give him back. My little Gray. I have come to believe we named him this to remind him that he can be “even” sometimes. There’s no middle ground with him. He’s either mad mad mad…or crazy happy. As I was proofing these little snaps I took of him while we were waiting for Coles’ cross country skiing to start today, he came down the stairs crying. He walked in to my office and instantly started laughing when he saw his little face up on the screen. THUS begins my new years goal. I don’t take pictures of my kiddos often…not snaps like this anyway. I have grown accustomed to not getting my camera out to document my own life, and this makes me sad. These little ones of mine are growing insanely fast! SO…this year, you’ll see more snaps of my own flesh and blood on here. These aren’t perfect, not staged…just on our drive up to the hills.

On a side note, I love this location for shooting. My first shoot at this very spot was 4 years ago. I was trying to find a spot for my own family portraits and I happened upon this while taking my kiddos to school. Since then, I”ve seen it on a good many peoples blogs. No worries, I’ll share…its not mine for the taking. It is a fabulously amazing  spot when the sun begins to dip behind the hills….and the weather doesn’t look like this!  ITS SO COLD UP HERE…..Anyway, enjoy my little man. NOW, I must go snuggle with him for a wee minute before he closes those tired eyes…