My little Wonders…[Heber, Utah Studio Photography]

November 11, 2009

Even though my full studio isn’t completed yet (my hopes is by February…just in time for a cold spring in Heber), I do have a smaller portable set-up. It now includes some new pieces that I’ve been working on for awhile now. I love old wood…LOVE IT!  Thus, I found it rather fitting that some of my custom studio options would include it. I really do love it. I also thought it might be fun for clients to see some of the different edits that can still be done in studio. There are many options that make for great unique custom portraits. A Just because we’re in studio doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun while still keeping it simple and focused on the beautiful faces of our little ones. So, here are a few options done on my little peops. One set of these will hang large on my walls up and down my hallways eventually.

PS. I had my board tilted for these the the wood isn’t completely straight….for studio images, it will be. Why do we, as photographers get lazy with our own kids shots sometimes?

The beautiful Little Mrs….



Mr. Cute Cheez Man…



Fast Movin Gray Man…


You’d never know he had a huge gouge below his lip and a bruise on is cheek from a recent fall! Poor little dude’s mind moves faster than his legs right now…


And The Pouty Little Miss…


AND, here’s some with texture on it. I have a variety of different textures I like to use to help with the “mood” of a picture.