Official…{Heber, Utah Studio Photographer}

March 10, 2010

Its official, I haven’t been the best lately at keeping updates happening. We’ve been prepping our basement for carpet, getting the studio finished, participating in the anual olympics at the charter school where my little ones are…etc. etc. etc…  For those who are waiting for a little glimpse into their sessions, I promise, they ARE coming. However, for now, I have some “studio” images of my own.  My poor kids, whenever its time to try something new, they are my go to peops!  No wonder family pictures don’t often go as smoothly as hoped for us. Regardless, I love images of them in my home. They are everywhere…they adorn our walls and make me smile daily. I think I’ve said this on here before, but I ADORE looking at their sweet  perfect (to me) faces when they can’t talk back, cry, or want something.  Don’t get me wrong, I love their faces when they’re doing the above mentioned as well…its just a nice change to see them smiling at me and happy.

For those who have been to my home, you know it has a “rustic elegance” to it.  New sparkly, frills are mixed with old pieces of wood and furniture. I love it this way. SO…we got the wooden backdrops out, set up the studio lights and had a bit of fun. I wanted a rustic…almost vintage feel…without making them look too much “unlike” themselves, if you will.

AND, for those of you who have been asking, the studio isn’t quite done yet. Its still waiting patiently for carpet…which should be here in two weeks! Please tell me someone out there feels like things take atleast a few months extra than planned, ALWAYS!  However, in about three weeks, check for my “GRAND OPENING” Studio sale for children. It’ll be huge…and I’m thrilled to be offering it.

SO, I talk to much. I know…I’m sorry. One last thing… OOOHHH,I just LOVE them!