Perfection….[Midway Family Reunion Photographer]

July 20, 2009

My Captures….For “Cryin out Loud…Goodness NO”.  I had the humbling opportunity to photograph a huge (for me) family reunion over the 4th in beautiful Midway, Utah. How many….50+  It was hectic, I had butterflies and knots…biggest group I’ve done yet. They were fabulous… However, my favorite captures of the day were these two….”Mom and Dad…Grandma and Grandpa…sweethearts”.  For privacy sake, I’ll just say that she is quite sick right now (and I hope thats not too much as it is)….they’ve raised 6 beautiful children, gone on missions, lived life together through and through……TOGETHER.  As I was getting done shooting one of the families, I turn around to see this. She’s fixing his hat for him (that I made him take off for pictures)…helping him get it straight…and then arm in arm, they stroll over to their grandkids and kids playing in the distance. My light was far from right, I wasn’t metered for it…but I just started shooting, hoping I could capture something for them and their kids and grandkids.  And, through the tears, I caught these. My sweet/stinker hubby was there helping me that day…because of the size of the group.  AND, I absolutely know its not his favorite place to be. Yet he was there, for me. I looked up at him, he saw my tears, and knew why I was crying. It was a small moment, but one that I will cherish when he smiled at me and said with the nudge of his head…”shoot”.  And, at that moment, amidst getting ready to shoot the next family, trying to quickly capture this fleeting moment…  I knew why we do all we do today…and why I vow to try harder as his companion and love. Its because of moments like this…when I see a glimpse into what our love can truly be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to capture your love. I only wish I was better at my skills…so you could have the most fabulous capture of a lifetime! For now, these will have to suffice….



And…one last quick capture. More of this “beginning love” coming soon.