Receptions ROCK! [Timpanogas Wedding Photographer]

August 26, 2009

I approach receptions differently than  the “formal” day portraits. To me, its all about the “story” and the emotions. I love that my camera clicks so fast in these moments. I manually meter for the first shot, give the “ok” and then let the moment FLY! I laugh so hard while proofing the bouquet tosses….and giggle at the cake.  I smile really big when I proof the first dance, and often shed a tear while I’m going through the last dance with dad’s. I don’t know, I just love the emotions.  I know they aren’t all technically a-freakin-mazing…but I do love capturing them. Here’s a few from a few weddings ago. It DID help very much that the light was absolutely beautiful for the cake! I saw that sun going behind the house and was so excited to get some flairs for their moment. So, here’s a bit more of the “candid” side of weddings…





I love…love…love how embarrassed she was that he was “teething” the garter! So cute!



This was one of the funniest bouquet toss’ I’ve seen. I was having a hard time holding my camera at the end because I wanted to laugh so bad. I wish I could show every picture in succession….serious sister feud going on over the bouquet. I did, however, include the picture of the ‘pretend’ kick from one of the sisters.