“Romantic Fall”- [Heber City, Family Photographer]

August 28, 2009

If you know anything about me, you know I’ve always been IN LOVE with JCrew (and now Anthropologie is up there with it!) I love the “clean” look…with a bit of flair. For me, shoots are always about LAYERS, DETAILS, and TEXTURES! When the light hits ruffles close to a little ladies face just right, or a chord jacket on a boy…its AWESOME! When you’re choosing clothes, textures and amazing fabrics….rather than bright colors and patterns…is the way to go for Fall. When I stay “neutral”, I find I can add more pieces and have them all work together. Then, I can add a color or two with my “browns and jeans” and have it flow and still speak volumes about who We are as a family.

I remember one time, I was reading Architetural Design and a well know designer said something that has always stuck with me. It was something to this affect… You know someone is a designer when they do things that work together….and then add a few pieces that are “just off a bit.” I approach a shoot this way. Everything still “goes” but its not a perfect match….it adds interest. I do this when posing people…I love it when one little one is looking at the camera while the rest of the family is looking up at “Dad”…or viseversa.  For me, the details in your clothing is one thing that can set YOU apart from someone elses shots…its what says something about who you are/were at that time in your life.

All these clothes came from the JCrew Fall Line. However, it seems that this lavendar, butterscotch, and guava color seems to be popping up all over. And, might I add…if anyone out there that has booked a shoot with me for Fall thinks they can pull this off (or something similar) for a family shoot, I’ll SO give you a HUGE discount on your prints! I’d love to photograph this in a field next to a broken down barn!

PS. I know I put boxers on here for a boy! How cute would a little pair of  “plum boxers” be coming out a bit from the back of a pair of butterscotch chords. Now, if I can just find some argyle socks with the lavendar in them, I’ll be set!