Teaser….{Utah Wedding Photographer}

April 23, 2010

SOOOOOOO many more to come. (Yep, I know the soooooooo is cheezy…its because I am cheezy…fully admitt it)! You two, what can I say, you’re a fabulous couple. Thank you for being patient with me and Mother Nature!  She decided to let the wind pick up right when we got to our little nook of the forest and give me and my equipment a run for its money.  These two were fabulous to work with though!  AND, bonus… they didn’t even mock my cheezy commentary of each shot. I have issues with saying what’s going through my brain in a bit more candid, uncensored way at shoots sometimes. I might look calm on the outside, but I have about 30 different things running through my brain at all times. Settings, ISO, Aperture, exposure, backlight, balancing flash with ambient, hold that darn camera still, rule of thirds, composition, angles,  shutter speed, colors, outfits, OCF or soft natural light, clear uncluttered backgrounds, mood, soft and blurry background, crisp and rich, move the hair, tuck the shirt, straighten the skirt, stand this way, move your arm, swivel the hips, oh dang wind, use this prop, too posed…make them look more natural, they’re hungry and want to go, the list of shots she wants,  sun….oh no…sun is almost setting, don’t let them know this is really hard work…make it fun, keep the mood light, make them laugh…and DON’T say anything too cheezy…DON’T say ANYTHING too CHEEZY…etc. etc. etc!  There’s a small taste of 1 literal minute in my brain at a formal shoot! I wish it was as easy as “click that camera…and we’re done”.  Oh wait, no I don’t…I adore challenges! I’m partially sick in the brain because of that portion of my personality. Regardless, as in any walk of life, there are alot that can “talk the talk”, what should be  done and how, but the true test of goodness is if one can truly use their skills in high pressure, on the spot, imperfect situations.  There are too many variables to mention of what can “go wrong” at a shoot.  The key, taking that “wrong” you cannot control (the wind)  and making it work for you or finding away around it. I guess that’s why we hire professionals for the things that matter most to us.  Hmmm…we’ll see if I can actually “walk the walk”… Anyway, I have so much more to share with the two of you in the next few days! I love the “feel” of the whole shoot. Truly, so many different “feels” and “styles” to choose from.

P.S. Forest is from Montana….he said the wind was “nothing compared to Montana wind…!”  Dear Montana Photographers, I’m sorry…



Quick update on summer bookings: I am almost fully booked for the summer. I have a few senior sessions and family sessions open for the months of June and August. I also have one more space for weddings this summer. I’ve had to turn away a few already because their date was taken by another wedding….makes me sad.  I’ve decided to limit my availability this summer because it really helps me to focus solely on “your shoot” as well as give me the time I want and need with my sweet family that I miss alot during this “busy season”. There are quite alot of people who have told me to “save them a place” for the summer shoots, but haven’t secured their date yet. Shoot me an email in the next week so I can make sure I don’t give your spot away. Thanks!