Three=Fabulous (Utah Child Photographer)

March 31, 2010

I often feel like, as artists, we photographers are trying to set ourselves apart from others. We’re always trying to find our own style and do something that no one else has done before. I must confess that I get in this mode often…trying to create my own brand, do something that is completely different.  I’ve decided that for myself, because there is so much “different” out there right now, there’s something just so nice, so refreshing, about a nice clean image.  The longer I photograph, the more I am drawn to clean lines, soft light, basic backgrounds and sweet smiles. Regardless, my quest to be a bit different will probably never end.

Anyway,  I see color everywhere and I am always judging my light. I see potential portraits everywhere I am.  This never really stops in my brain.  (Good thing I’m a multi-tasking maniac)!   I am sure my Ben is fed up with me saying…”oh, now that’s nice light”, or cooing at the beautiful evening sun dipping behind the mountains when I’m not shooting.  So, thank you to all who have booked sessions at that time of day these next few months.  You keep Ben sane.

Now, on to what’s next. This fabulous threesome of beautiful kiddos came to me the other day. Ok, actually,  Mom came to me and drug them along!  The wind decided to whip through the willows right at the exact moment we started out on our quest for fabulous images.  You three were troopers though, and we got some sweet shots of your adorable faces (and outfits!) for your Momma! Thank you for letting me capture your adorableness…and more to come shortly. Right now, I’ve got deadlines to meet and I’m cruzing as fast as I can. SO, one picture posts are a must to keep me moving!  (Yes, I know adorableness isn’t a word…or is it?)