Told you I would… [heber utah photographer]

March 24, 2010

I might be behind, but a promise is a promise!  Those who are waiting for your beautiful images, I’m so close! I’ll have the rest of your session previews up shortly. For now, I said I’d post a few of these amazing kids parents from below…so here they are!  I love them, you two!

I often get asked by parents at family sessions….”so, should we take some pictures of just the ‘two of us’?”   AND, to that, I add a resounding “Yes Mam…!”  Quite frankly, I think they might be some of the most tender, important images of the session. The images I capture of couples…those who have been the rounds of years together, faced sadnesses, trials…dissapointments and joys…those captures take my breath away when they come up on my screen. The cute, sometimes silly kiss…the funny, endearing look….the one that says… “yep, I might be making a funny face as I look into your eyes right now…but you know deep down that I love your more than ever’.  The moment that says…”this smirk means more than any “dreamy eyed look” from a dating couple… those are the moments I try so hard to capture.

So, if you’re brave enough, if you know your love has withstood the test of time thus far and you’re not afraid to let me capture it now, please… pretty please…keep asking, “do we take pictures of the two of us together…”




AND, one last one of their three adorable ones! I LOVE YOUR FAMILY….your session is perfection…I couldn’t have asked for better clients! Your style is perfect, your faces are beautiful…relaxed, but still so very “put together”! Thanks again…