White. [midway utah photographer]

February 9, 2011

White out! There was no other day they could all be together for a shoot. As I saw the clouds moving in, I knew we were in for it. But, we headed up to their cabin for some winter wonderland portraits anyway. I am extremely tempted to show the before and afters of these. Just imagine, full downfall of snow…coming in multiple sheets (like 100) in front of the camera. How did I pick the final shots? Well, a whole lot of it had to do with the amount of snowflakes on or in front of the face. I literally removed atleast 100 from each person. Thus, the clothing got darkened, the faces got softened…and a million (almost literally) other steps to make the shots feel as memorable as their little outing was. They were so amazing about everything…totally relaxed and up for anything. What a  day…what a family!